Kukumakranka - or Koekemakranka - Scientific, 'Gethyllis'

Pronounced with the Clicks of Southern Africa's San people, "click" U "click" U-MA "click" ANG "click" A. Or, 'cuckoo-makranka', a crazy sounding word that is possibly onomatopoetic of the "crazy-looking" plant, scientifically known as Gethyllis. Of the hundreds of thousands of bulb plant species in existence, the very rare Kukumakranka species from Southern Africa is the only one known to produce a delicious fruit from below ground. When most Southern African people speak of "Kukumakranka", it is the fruit of the plant to which they refer.

KUKUMAKRANKA has a long history of being used both by the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa as well as the colonialists who arrived later. Here are the fruit's main traditional uses:

Kukumakranka are exceptionally rare plants, and the fruits that follow pollination are thus highly prized, delicious and sexy smelling and tasting treats. Their unusual shape and scent makes them one of a few plant-borne species with aphrodisiac properties. Apart from this mystical history, they have been laboratory tested in 2014 and found to be exceedingly high in anti-oxidant and -carcinogenic properties. Making them, if not a novelty fruit and plant, an especially important one if taken seriously by health-fans. Plants that produce the fruit will often exhaust themselves by fruiting and subsequently die. Koekemakranka is probably one of the world's rarest naturally occurring fruits.

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